#WeAreTeachers: Thanks For Sharing Halloween Short Stories Resource

Several weeks ago, I discovered that We Are Teachers shared my 21 Scary Halloween Short Stories For Middle School post on their Facebook page. Since I wasn’t following their page (at the time), I had no idea they’d graciously shared the article until I saw a spike in my stats. In other words, I suddenly had 4,000 more visitors to my site than normal, and most of the extra people were from Facebook.

After a few days, I did a few Google searches, and discovered this:

WeAreTeachers – Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson and other… | Facebook

The post was shared via Twitter, as well:

So I just wanted to give We Are Teachers a shout out to express my appreciation for the share. Thank you!

If you’re not already a fan of their Facebook page or following their Twitter feed, you should be. And while you’re here, click the link to the article above to see if you can use any of these scary short stories to engage your classroom.

About the author 

Michelle Boyd Waters, M.Ed.

I am a secondary English Language Arts teacher, a University of Oklahoma student working on my doctorate in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum with an concentration in English Education and co-Editor of the Oklahoma English Journal. I am constantly seeking ways to amplify students' voices and choices.

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