Michelle Boyd Waters

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Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm a teacher, writer, and entrepreneur.

As a secondary-level English teacher, you have a lot on your plate trying to meet your students needs and your administrations expectations. I have dedicated my spare time  -- and now my full time -- for the past eight years to finding ways to empower teachers to inspire their students. Whether this is through lesson plans you can implement in your class right now, reading and writing units that can help you facilitate positive and empowering literacy experiences for your students over time, or professional development to empower you to create the learning experiences your students need right now, we are committed to serving you and your students.

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Why I Do What I Do

I taught middle and high school English for 10 years. This past year, I transitioned out of the classroom and into pursuing my doctorate in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum with a concentration in English Education. 

Throughout my time in the classroom, I had the privilege of teaching 6th-11th grade English classes with students who are 12+ years of age. Parents of kids these ages will know all too well the drama of some days, and the sudden maturity of others. Now, imagine having 80 140 120 teenagers a day… I still consider myself a new teacher, and love spending time with pre-service and early service teachers who are still young and idealistic. I think maybe that's because I'm old and idealistic. I still believe that I can make a difference in the students' and teachers' lives. I remember the difference my teachers made in my life and I want to do the same for my students and the teachers I have the opportunity to serve. 

Teaching & Writing

You can learn more about my educational odyssey via my Curriculum Vitae. 

Teaching is my 3rd career. I have served as an award-winning newspaper reporter after majoring in Journalism and Public Relations at Oklahoma Baptist University. After my son my son was born, I stayed home with him and started a web hosting and design company, which I managed for almost 10 years. During this time, I realized that I love teaching. I enjoyed those times when I called my clients and walked them through the process of using my software. And I started remembering how I loved playing school as a kid. Finally, it clicked one day. I wanted to be a teacher! My pastor shared with me that I could go through the alternative certification process and gain experience by subbing. So that's the route I took. In total, I taught seven years of high school and six years of middle school.

I have also sought opportunities to learn how to be a better teacher, including a journey through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards process. After my house burned down and and we survived a pandemic through my process, I missed certifying by 3 points. But the journey was completely worth it.


I have had the opportunities to serve in a few roles in Oklahoma education, including:

Co-Editor of the Oklahoma English Journal with Jennifer Williams, 2020-present.

Board member, Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English, 2020-present

Teacher Consultant and Graduate Assistant, Oklahoma Writing Project, 2016-present

Graduate Assistant, OU Writing Center, 2022