Michelle Boyd Waters, M.Ed.

I am a doctoral student in the Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum with a concentration in English Education program at the University of Oklahoma. My professional mission is to collaborate with English teachers around the world to amplify student voices via authentic writing processes with real audiences and encourage students to think critically, develop empathy, use their imaginations through diverse young adult literature in secondary level English Language Arts classrooms.


My Studies

December 2021


University of Oklahoma

Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum with a concentration in English Education

May 1996


Oklahoma Baptist University

Journalism and Public Relations with a minor in Art.

Writing Consulting

August 2023-present

Writing Center Director

Del City High School Writing Center

Pilot new writing center in a local high school; established relationships with administration to facilitate setup and created processes to manage student consultant and writer face-to-face feedback sessions. Train student consultants in writing center pedagogies.

August 2022-present

Graduate Student Assistant Director (August 2023)
Graduate Writing Consultant

Consult with graduate and undergraduate students in face-to-face, video conference, and written feedback sessions. Assist with writing assignments and professional documents including resumes, cover letters, and personal statements. Develop and lead workshops and educational programming for departments and organizations.

August 2016-present

Teacher Consultant/Graduate Research Assistant

Develop and lead workshops, educational programming, and summer institutes for schools and educators across the state of Oklahoma. Develop and streamline communication system via Trello for staff and leadership in multiple locations. 


Peer-Reviewed Articles

Waters, M. B., & Unsicker-Durham, S. K. (2023, August 26). The hydra nature of book banning and censorship: A snapshot and two annotated bibliographies. Study & Scrutiny: Research on Young Adult Literature

Waters, M. (2016). Roadblocks to Authentic Learning in Secondary English Language Arts and How to Overcome Them with the New Oklahoma Academic Standards. Oklahoma English Journal, 29(2), 30-34.

State Journal Editor

Co-editor, Oklahoma English Journal, 2020-present.

Conference Presentations

Planting the Seeds of Confidence: Nurturing Student Writers Through Imposter Syndrome. Secondary Schools Writing Centers Association & Boston Writing Project Conference. March 2024. Boston, MA. Accepted.

Content Analysis of The ALAN REVIEW 1974-2023: Preliminary Findings. Breakout session with Dr. Crag Hill and Dr. Terri Suico. ALAN Workshop. November 2023. Columbus, OH. 

Bridging the Gap with Writing Center Pedagogies: Empowering Student Writers in Secondary School Writing Centers. Poster session. National Council of Teachers of English. November 2023. Columbus, OH. 

Synergy: Connecting through Literacy in Challenging Times. Panel presentation with Brianne Johnson, Kenzie Pratt, and Tracy Hunt. National Council of Teachers of English. November 2023. Columbus, OH. 

Connecting Writers: Creating Opportunities for Student-Led Writing in and Beyond the ELA Classroom. Round Table session with Dr. Crag Hill, Julianna Lopez Kershen, Brianne Johnson, Kenzie Pratt, Jennevieve Scott, and Shelly Unsicker-Durham. National Council of Teachers of English. November 2023. Columbus, OH. 

Bridging the Gap with Writing Center Pedagogies: Empowering Student Writers in Secondary School Writing Centers. National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing. November 2023. Pittsburg, PA. 

Empowering Student Writers: The Collaborative Partnership Between High School English Teachers and Writing Centers. International Writing Center Association. October 2023. Baltimore, MD. 

Collaborative Writing: Empowering Students to Revise and Provide Constructive Peer Feedback.  GET FIT Professional Development. Norman Public Schools. October 2023. 

Hooking Readers and Writers with Poems, Excerpts, and First Chapters. Presentation with Shelly Unsicker-Durham. KEY Conference. University of Oklahoma. February 2023. Conference Cancelled.

Intentional Bridgework: Fusing Professional Teaching and Collegiate Writing Center Experiences into Piloting a Secondary School Writing Center. South Central Writing Center Association 2023 Conference. Lubbock, TX. March 2023.

Let Your Light Shine: Building Entrepreneurial Collaborations to Advocate, Share ELA Expertise. Individual presentation. NCTE Annual Convention. Anaheim, CA. November 2022.

Grappling with literature. Panel session with Dr. Crag Hill and Shelly Unsicker-Durham. NCTE Annual Convention,  Anaheim CA, November 2022.

Changing the Narrative: Pre-Service Teachers to Professional Development. Panel presentation with Dr. Crag Hill, Danielle Nagel-O'Rourke, and Jennifer Williams. Critical Questions in Education Symposium. Academy for Educational Studies. Denver, CO. October 2022.

The Public Square: Challenges and dilemmas facing teachers: How teachers see themselves and their tasks -- and how they are perceived by others. Invited speaker with Christopher Clark, Kimberly Conyers, and Jared Stallones. Critical Questions in Education Symposium. Academy for Educational Studies. Denver, CO. October 2022.

Let Your Light Shine: Building Entrepreneurial Collaborations to Advocate, Share ELA Expertise. Individual presentation. Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English Fall Conference. Tulsa, OK. October 2022.

Changing the Narrative: Pre-service teachers to professional development. Presentation with Dr. Crag Hill, Jennifer Williams, and Danielle Nagel-O'Rourke. Critical Questions in Education Symposium.  The Academy for Educational Studies. Denver, CO. October 2022.

MLA & APA Citations. Presentation with Dr. Ashton Foley-Schramm and Zahid Hossain. OU Writing Center. October 2022.

JRCoE 2022 new graduate student orientation. Doctoral student panel with Ann Schafer, Ja'Corie Maxwell, and Sarah Heiniger. University of Oklahoma. Norman, OK. August 2022.

Foregrounding students’ multilingual repertoires through language and culture portraits. Presentation with Dr. Madina Djuraeva, Audra Benn, Christine Chapman, Jennifer Fike, Sun Geun Kim, and Kexuan Wu. Keep Educating Yourself (KEY) Conference. University of Oklahoma. Norman, OK. March 2022.

Rigor/Depth of Knowledge Questioning. professional development presentation. Oklahoma Writing Project. Mustang Public Schools. March 2022.

Anthologies are Awesome! Panel moderator and organizer. 2021 ALAN Virtual Workshop. November 2021.

Doing the Work: Unlearning Racism through Narrative Writing and Sharing Our Stories. On demand virtual session with Shelly K. Unsicker-Durham. NCTE Annual Convention. November 2021.

Podcast Networking. OKC Podcasting Conference. 2019.

Digging up Injustices of the Roaring 20s: Dreamland Burning. Roundtable session with Dr. Crag Hill. NCTE ELATE Annual Convention. Houston, TX. November 2018.

reThink ELA: Teaching Grammar in Context. Presentation with Jennifer Williams. Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English Fall Conference. Norman, OK. October 2018.

Including FAT in Your Essays: Figurative Language, Appositive Phrases, and Transitions. Oklahoma Writing Project Symposium. Summer 2016.

Get to the HEART of Reading with Video and Music. Oklahoma Reading Association Annual Conference. April 2016.

Virtual PLCs. Oklahoma Gear Up Leadership Academy. Fall 2014.

Business Conferences and Presentations

AP 1217: I Have Two Brands and Directions. How Do I Balance and Promote Both? Guest Interview. Ask Pat 2.0 Podcast, April 2022.

Podcasting 1.0 for Educators. Invited Speaker. EdTech Class. University of Oklahoma. 2020.

Host, Product Sellers Talk Radio, 2007-2010

Invited Host, DivaTalkRadio.com, May 2010

Guest Speaker, WorkAtHomeSuccess.com, 2010

Invited Speaker, Moore Chamber of Commerce, July 2009

Guest Speaker, Create A Thriving Business, 2008

Guest Speaker, WAHM Talk Radio, 2006

Guest Speaker, HBWTalkRadio.com, 2006

Personal Writing

Waters. M. B. (2022). Facebook hack ‘worse than when my house burned down’ says teacher. Oklahoma City Free Press.

Waters, M.B. (2018). Weathered Crossroads. Mobius Magazine

Waters. M. B. (2015). Waterfalls. Moments. 2015 OSU Writing Project Retreat anthology. Oklahoma State University Writing Retreat.

Interscholastic and Collegiate Editorial Positions
  • Editor-in-Chief, managing, features, news, and assistant news editorial positions, The Bison, Oklahoma Baptist University, 1992-1996
  • Editorial Editor, The Jag Wire, Westmoore High School, 1989-91
  • Opinion Editor, West Words, Moore West Mid High, 1987


  • Student Writing Contest Reviewer, National Writing Award: The Humanities and Freer Tomorrow, National Council of Teachers of English, 2023
  • Grant Reviewer, IWCA Summer Research Grant, International Writing Center Association, 2023
  • Submission Reviewer, Achievement Awards in Writing, National Council of Teachers of English, 2023
  • Conference Proposal Reviewer, NCTE Annual Convention, 2023
  • Dean's Graduate Student Advisory Council, College of Education, University of Oklahoma, Spring 2023
  • Conference Proposal Reviewer, NCTE Annual Convention, 2022
  • Panel Session Moderator, Respect: Featuring Anthologies by Saraciea J. Fennell, Cynthia Leitich Smith, & Laura Silverman, Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE, 2021
  • Executive board member, Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English, 2020-present


Educational Consulting/Curriculum Development

June 2012-present

Owner and Founder

Building a community with English teachers from around the world to raise awareness of and develop responses to literacy and pedagogical issues in the English Language Arts classroom. Collaborating with teachers and former students to design curriculum geared to assist students in discovering their reader and writer identities. Creating online professional development opportunities to assist teachers in developing their own curriculum to amplify their students’ voices and increase their awareness of and empathy for others’ voices.


January 2024-present

Clinical Practice Supervisor

Oklahoma State University

Observed pre-service teacher candidates during their field experiences, meeting with candidates and their mentor teachers regularly, and provided written feedback and recommendations after each observation.

January 2023-May 2023

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Academic Writing for Multilingual Graduate Writers, University of Oklahoma

Contributed to the development of new materials for graduate-level writing course. Delivered instructional and assessment activities. Mentored and advised graduate writers in individual and small group contexts.

July 2015-June 2021

8-11th English Teacher

Wayne Public Schools, Oklahoma

Taught 8th grade English, Introduction to English (9th grade), World Literature (10th grade), and American Literature (11th grade). Partnered with students to design a curriculum centered on their interests and data to nurture their reading and writing identities through independent text-based and multimedia literacy projects. Created interactive and collaborative group and project-based lessons. Integrated technology to assist students in creating a reading and writing community within the school and beyond our classroom.

August 2014-May 2015

ELA/Literature/Mixed Media Teacher

Little Axe Public Schools, Oklahoma

Taught 6th grade Language Arts, 7th grade Literature, and Mixed Media Journalism. Developed reading and writing units to teach students real-world communication skills and improve OCCT writing test scores. Produced PowerPoint slideshows and videos as part of the Little Axe Middle School Gear Up presentation. Created curriculum for Mixed Media Journalism class incorporating video script and student newspaper writing and production. Updated middle school website and sponsored National Junior Honor Society.

August 2012-May 2014

Language Arts Teacher and Yearbook Advisor

Del Crest Middle Schools, Oklahoma

Taught multiple levels of Language Arts classes and advised the middle school yearbook. Developed debate and writing lesson plans for class and after-school club. Developed and modified group and project-based lessons to assist students in interacting with content in creative and authentic ways. Designed units to assist students in developing "Quadruple Threat" skills, including organization, note-taking, time management, and perseverance. Collaborated with special education teachers in co-taught classes to assist students with IEPs. Identified individual student needs and liaised with student counselors and special education staff to solve problems in learning, attitude and management of student workloads. Served on School Improvement Plan Committee and co-sponsoring student Drama Club. Met with Oklahoma State Department of Education and Federal Title I monitors, school Title I coordinator and building administration to answer questions and provide tours of my classroom during Title I review.

August 2011 - May 2012

Sophomore English Teacher/Middle School Yearbook Advisor

Bethel Public Schools, Oklahoma

Taught sophomore English classes, mythology, and poetry. Developed writing lesson plans to assist students in improving their ability to write formal essays. Prepared students for End of Instruction English II exam. Developed and taught lessons plans on topics including vocabulary, grammar, literature analysis, and reading. Taught elements of literature including plot, character development, theme, and setting/mood via short stories from different cultures and novels from the traditional canon including Lord of the Flies and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Developed curriculum for an Independent Reading Challenge program, based on work by Donalyn Miller, designed to encourage students to increase their reading by as much as 700 percent. Identified individual student needs and liaised with student counselors and special education staff to solve problems in learning, attitude, and management of student workloads. Edited middle school section of the secondary school yearbook.


January 2022-present

Graduate Research Assistant

English Education, University of Oklahoma

Assisting Dr. Crag Hill in conducting primary source research and examining themes in publication history of a single journal.

Business and Journalism

October 2021-present

Business Coach

Creating a community of English teacher, former students, and other entrepreneurs to support one another in building profitable online and local businesses. Developed informational products, online courses and coaching programs to support entrepreneurs in starting, growing, and scaling an online business. Partnered with other business coaches, content creators, and affiliate partners to deliver needed learning resources to my community. Wrote content hosted podcast to educate my community in techniques for ethical and sustainable business growth.

February 2002-August 2011

Owner and Founder 

Watersweb Solutions LLC

Founded a web design and hosting company serving the work at home mom community. Build websites for moms selling ecommerce products such as baby slings and cloth diapers. Created and sold internet marketing information products. Hosted Product Sellers Talk Radio. Created affiliate program to partner with web designers in my niche. Provided customer support through outsourced company. Worked with virtual assistants to create content and provide additional layer of support. Hosted virtual summit for product sellers.

February 1993-November 1999

Reporter and Editor

Shawnee News-Star, Oklahoma

Lincoln County News, Oklahoma

Award-winning storyteller passionate about writing news and features and thrived in a deadline intensive environment. Covered courts and law enforcement beat in the City of Shawnee and Pottawatomie County. Designed layouts for various sections featuring AP Wire articles. Wrote articles for and edited Lincoln County section. Interviewed sources for feature and hard news articles in tri-county area. Designed newspaper layouts using QuarkXPress and edited photographs using Adobe Photoshop on MacIntosh computers.

Awards and Recognition

  • Recipient, 2023-24 NCPTW Travel Award
  • Recipient, 2023-2024 Secondary Schools Writing Center Association Presenter at Another Conference Grant
  • Recipient, South Central Writing Center Association Conference Tutor Scholarship, 2023
  • Recipient, JRCOE Research and Travel Committee Scholarship for NCTE Convention, 2022
  • Recipient, Katherine Elizabeth Lasseter Scholarship, 2022
  • The Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma Purcell Lodge 27 Teacher of Today, Wayne High School, 2017
  • Certificate of Achievement in Writing: Teacher Personal Narrative, Oklahoma Writing Project, 2017
  • Certificate of Achievement in Writing: Teacher of 3 Winning Writers, Oklahoma Writing Project, 2017
  • Fellow, Summer Institute, Oklahoma Writing Project, 2016
  • Finalist, Best Ed Tech Resource Sharing Blog, EduBlog Awards, 2015
  • Nominated for Teacher of the Year, Del Crest Middle School, 2014
  • First Place, Spot News category, Carl Rogan Associated Press contest, 1999
  • Second Place, Spot News category, Carl Rogan Associated Press contest, 1999
  • First Place in General Excellence, Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association, 1996
  • Third Place, Investigative Reporting Division, OCPA, 1996
  • First Place in General Excellence for private, four-year universities, OCPA, 1995
  • First Place in General Excellence for private, four-year universities, OCPA, 1994
  • Recipient, M. Ector Reynolds Journalism Award, 1994
  • Recipient, Thelma Carter Scholarship, 1994
  • Second Place, Opinion Writing, High School Writing Contest, Rose State College, 1991