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Curated Short Stories Library

Are you wasting your value time finding engaging short stories and resources your students want to read?

After spending hours trying to find printable short stories, paired texts, essential questions, and video/audio adaptations, I decided to created a curated resource to save you that time. The Curated Short Stories Library includes the resources you need to engage your students in literary circles and discussions all in one place. No more hunting for videos or audios to keep students engaged. We have curated these resources for you and included them in an easy-to-access online system. Just log in to your account and add the resources you need in your class Google Slides and upload them to your school's private course management system or display on your classroom interactive whiteboard.

Note: This library contains our curated resources ONLY, which may include printable short story texts, videos, audios, and additional related texts from outside sources. It DOES NOT include lesson plans created by RTE partners.


Our Curated Short Stories Library saves you time and effort in the classroom and at home when you need to be spending time with your family. By having a library of pre-selected stories and related resources, you can avoid the time-consuming task of searching for and selecting stories that are appropriate for your students. As a doctoral student in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum with a concentration in English Education and 10 years of teaching middle and high school, I have carefully curated each short story, video and audio resource, paired text, and related materials. Additionally, I continue to create resources to help you plan and implement effective lessons.

Just a quick THANK YOU for offering both quality and value!

Just a quick THANK YOU for offering both quality and value! I needed a couple of science fiction stories about time travel, and reThink ELA LLC delivered. I used your excellent resources to teach "The Sound of Thunder." I'm a speech language pathologist teaching virtually during the current pandemic. An ongoing challenge is finding digital resources to share with my students. There's only so much time in a day for prep. This is especially challenging for me because, as an independent consultant, I work with all ages. For all these reasons, I celebrate when I find useful resources. I was searching for stories about time travel because this genre may encourage one of my middle school students to read for pleasure. Doing so will help him to enjoy developing his vocabulary. My student, who has attention deficits, remained focused through our shared real-aloud. We also worked on the essential question and the vocabulary activity, which were on-target time savers.

Loreen Beck , Substitute Speech Language Specialist

Incredible wealth of resources

I also want to say that I'm understanding next level how rich your resources are! I'm loving what you've done with the Curated Short Stories Library, adding the writing connections section. I've also started using the reflective writing section in the 180+ Days of Quickwrites - my tutoring student loved the conversation, and was surprised at some of what came up for him.

Cathy Belgrave BA, B.Ed , Learning Consultant
Packed with

Features you'll love

Digital copies you can print

Students often fill more comfortable with a printed copy and a pen or pencil in their hands. They can annotate in the margins of the texts as they read.

Or, if printing is at a premium in your school, you can upload PDF or DOC files of the stories to your classroom course management system so students can read them online. They can even annotate the PDF files in Kami using Google Drive.

Short Story Printable Resources
Short Story Video Adaptation

Video Adaptations

We know our students have been raised in a visual society. Many of them are self-proclaimed haters of reading. But they all love a good story. 

With the video adaptations we've found, you can engage them with the story first and then dive into the text.

Or, if your students are already engaged, they can read the text first and then compare and contrast their interpretations to that of the director.

Audio Adaptations

Some students struggle with reading, whether it's decoding the words on the page or comprehending the text. To help support them and provide a resource for differentiation, I have curated audio versions of the texts.  

Students can listen with headphones, or you can play the audio adaptation to the whole class as they follow along in the text you've printed or provided in their course management system.

Short Story Audio Adaptations
Short Story Essential Questions

Essential Questions

Not only have we read all the short stories we're recommending, we have developed or curated essential questions to help your students start thinking critically about the story and its meaning in their own lives. 

These questions are perfect for before-reading quickwrites and to critique during student discussions as they read the texts. 

Paired Texts

Whether students need prior knowledge or express interest in exploring nonfiction non-print or print texts related to the short story, we have you covered. We've curated news articles, short documentaries, TED Talks, and more to help your students increase their comprehension and engagement. 

Short Story Paired Texts

Lesson Planning Resources

Short Story Planning Resources

We've already done the planning for you!

Not only have we included all the resources mentioned above, but we also created a lesson plan template you can use for any of the short stories. Just fill it out and hand it to your principal!

We also created a calendar of suggested short stories for each month -- all year round. So you're covered even if you're teaching summer school!

And while we don't suggest limiting student independent reading by Lexile level, we do know that you can use this information to help you find highly engaging stories just slightly beyond your student's current reading level to help their growth.

Are you ready for bolt-into-your-existing-curriculum resources that will save you time and keep your students reading all year long?

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Note: This membership is for our curated resources ONLY, which may include printable short story texts, videos, audios, and additional related texts from outside sources. It  DOES NOT include lesson plans created by RTE or our partners.

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How do I access the curated resources?

Once you've placed your order, make sure you login to your account by clicking the Customer Area link at the bottom of the page after you order and entering the login information you created. Click the “All Curated Short Story Access Membership” or "Curated Short Stories Library" links in your customer area.

What is your refund policy?

Unlike physical products such as books or office supplies, our products are delivered to you digitally. Once you've downloaded our products, which may include PDFs, PowerPoint files, images, and access to our members areas, you can't return them. For this reason, all reThink ELA LLC sales are considered final and nonrefundable.

That said, we understand that sometimes circumstances are out of our control and a refund may be in order on a limited, case-by-case basis. We will consider requests that fall into these two categories within seven days of initial purchase:

Duplicate purchase — You order the same product twice.
You order our All Access Membership and then accidentally order the same item again. Or you order a bundle and then realize that you already had one of the products in the bundle.

No File Download — You have not downloaded the files (which we will verify).
You order a grammar unit for 6th grade, but discover that you're moving to a new school over the summer and will be teaching 5th grade.

If you experience any of the following issues, we will be happy to work with you to solve the problem.

Issue with resource files — If one or more of our files are damaged, we will repair the file and send you a new one.
You download a PDF file and it is corrupted.

Faulty description — We go out of our way to ensure that we describe exactly what you will receive and show you previews of what we provide.
You discover that we stated you would receive a PDF download for a short story, but there are none for the story you need. We will find and deliver the PDF file we promised.

Subscription cancellations — If you have purchased a product that includes a subscription, but realize you do not need the subscription any more, you can cancel it at any time. You will continue to have access to your customer area and files until the subscription expires.
You purchase the Curated Short Stories Library membership last month, but discovered yesterday that you'll be teaching math instead of English.

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