Are You Ready For The #OklaEdRally?


Teachers across the state are preparing for tomorrow’s #oklaed rally. I’ve been wanting to write about my rally story, but I’ve been up to my eyeballs in grading papers, so that didn’t happen until now. For that reason, I’m going to link to some better-researched and better-thought-out articles written by my blogging brethren (and sisters). For the record, this will be my third rally. Yes, you read that right. I went to the State Capitol in 1990 as a high school student and school newspaper reporter to support my teachers. I also attended last year with my children, and will be bringing them this year.


1990 Oklahoma education rally
My reporting from the 1990 education rally for HB 1017

One thing I have noticed during these past two rallies is that in many cases, school administrators are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their teachers. We are recognizing that we are all in this proverbial frying pan together. It didn’t seem that way in 1990.

Educator Preparations For This Year’s Rally

Goals For #Oklaed

  • A High Quality Teacher in every classroom
  • Common-Sense Testing

You can download talking points and rally information here:

[prettyfilelink size=”2 MB” src=”” type=”pdf”]Rally Talking Points[/prettyfilelink]



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