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Note: Scroll down to access the podcast player. I’m pleased to be joined by a repeat guest today, Dr. Jennie Hanna. You might remember she was a guest on Episode 16 where we talked about how to make military children feel safe and seen in the classroom when so many feel they should recede into

reThink ELA #018: English Teachers: How To Get Your Writing Published

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When I first entered a public school classroom, only one student in my classes was clearly bilingual and she was an international

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If you're not ready to think about students bounding around your classroom in their favorite Halloween costumes, you might want to skip

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9/12/22 Note: Author Shannon Dittemore saw our post on Instagram and offered to do a video call with your class! You can

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If you're on my mailing list or follow me on social media, you probably already know that the National Council of Teachers

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Teachers in Oklahoma have expressed concern that they may be required to catalog their libraries for inspection by a vocal minority of

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