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reThink ELA #014: How To Complicate The Single Story In The Literary Canon

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What do you do when a parent calls to complain about a book your students are avidly discussing? Or when your principal

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Someone hacked into my Facebook account and got it suspended on April 9. I am still locked out and still discovering all

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I have added the following resource to Essays Every High School Student Should Read.My own article, Facebook hack ‘worse than when my house

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Earlier this month, I wrote 10 Best Slam Poems for High School -- a list of poems hitting on a few tough

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I'm adding these new poems to 10 Best Slam Poems for High School. "Disorder" by Chris Loos "Letter to My Future White

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Note: Check out our slam poems for middle school, too!Every year I want to write posts sharing my favorite poems for National

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