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How do you feel about using ChatGPT in English classes? I know, that's a loaded question with lots of teacher reactions running the gamut from loving the idea of learning something new to dreading the day students will use this tool to cheat on their writing assignments.  Even if you had a middle-of-the-road reaction, I invite

ChatGPT In English Class: Using AI Writers As Thinking Partners

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Every school year, I tell myself I’m going to write more on on the blog — and then life and school happens

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Over the 10 years I spent as a classroom English teacher in more than one district, I noticed how diverse, multilingual classrooms

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Formative assessment strategies are key components of effective teaching and learning in any subject, but especially English Language Arts (ELA). If you've

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As I’ve reflected on the lessons of this past year and my journey as an educator overall, it’s occurred to me that

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Reflection and word of the year for 2022 List Element List Element Word of the year 2022: Reinvent 2015: Achieve 

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