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I'd like to invite you to join hundreds of educators from all over the world who are rethinking what it means to teach English language arts. What does it mean to encourage all students to be lifelong readers, writers, and learners? How does this look in our classrooms on a daily basis? Find questions, conversations, resources, and more by clicking the Join Now button below.

How To Join

I am working to build a community where all members have common goal: To teach English language arts with dignity and respect for all of our students. Just like in a classroom, this means we need to have community guidelines that we all agree to.

Joining is easy!

Just follow these instructions:

Click the Join Now button above, which will take you to our Facebook group.
Read the “About This Group” description, including the text I've circled in red in the image to the left.
Click the blue +Join Group button, answer the questions, and agree to the guidelines.
Have questions? Was your membership request declined? Read below…

Membership Request Declined?

You won't receive a notice, but if you don't receive a notification that I've accepted your membership within a day or two, I may be waiting for you to answer the questions or accept the guidelines.

If you return to the group and see the +Join Now button (instead of the notice that your membership is pending), that means that I had to decline your membership.

If you didn't answer both questions or agree to the guidelines accidentally, or perhaps you were distracted (kids, pets, lesson plans?), just click the join button again, answer the questions, and make sure you click that checkbox. I've pointed it out in the graphic to the left.

What Our Community Says

I think that you do a wonderful job in what you’re doing. I do utilize some of the suggestions you offer and I even share them with my Principal of Curriculum in our planning for next school year. Keep the faith! There really are people out here who rely on your wisdom!!

Elizabeth Smith

Olive Middle School

I love the fact that you take the time to interact with all of us. Thank you for that!

Kelly Davis

high school english teacher in missouri