Prepare for the ACT reading test

I have gathered together several ACT test preparation resources that have been recommended to me from teachers across the United States. I've included strategy videos, printable workbooks, online practice tests, and more.


Printable study guides

Online practice tests

Reading Passages | ACT Student

LITERARY NARRATIVE: This passage is adapted from the novel The Men of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor (©1998 by Gloria Naylor). Clifford Jackson, or Abshu, as he preferred to be known in the streets, had committed himself several years ago to use his talents as a playwright to broaden the horizons for the young, gifted, and black-which 5 was how he saw every child milling around that dark street. :: Free Online Test Prep

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ACT Emergency Strategies

Josh Flores, our fearless leader at the OSDE, has created some fun strategies that can really save the day when your testing.

ACT Emergency Strategies for English and Reading

DOWNLOAD 341 kBACT Emergency Strategies 1pager The following strategies do not guarantee results or accuracy for correct answers. They are a last resort when encountering tricky questions and time is quickly running out. Use sparingly and only after (1) using the process of elimination, (2) checking the passage for the answer, and (3) listening for proper grammar usage.