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Is grading all those papers killing you & your students' learning?

Maybe not literally -- unless that stack falls on your head, right? But the time you spend grading all those papers may be killing your family, your hobbies, and more...

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It's not like most of your students don't just toss the paper you slaved over into the trash. Often, the grade is just a label to them.

You have these students:

  • She aced the assignment, so she's done. No room for improvement.
  • He failed the assignment -- but that's no surprise to him. He's used to failing, and this label just confirms what he thinks he already knows.
  • And then there are those kids who are quietly calculating whether or not that "C" will impact whatever grade they or their parents will accept. No impact? No worries!

In all these cases, no one learns anything from that number or letter at the top of the paper.

Personally, I'd love to ditch the grades!

But if you're in a school like mine, you have to have so many grades per week to keep parents happy and maintain athletic eligibility lists.

So what can you do?

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