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Why Teach mPOWRED Writers?

Students are increasingly reluctant to write

Two weeks into the second semester, during my fifth year of teaching, my second hour sophomores decided they'd had enough. 

“Why do we have to write so much? This is stupid!” they declared.

At the time, I didn't understand why they were so upset.

A few weeks later, a group of students opened my eyes. They explained that in their previous English classes, the only writing they did was fill-in-the-blank on reading tests and grammar worksheets.

The fact that I was making them write for five minutes every day–and then choose one of those quickwrites to turn into a longer piece–was mind-boggling to them.

As a former newspaper reporter who has interviewed hundreds of people, I know that everyone has a story. But  not everyone has the tools to tell that story. I decided then I had to find a way to help those students reclaim their voices.

And that is how Teach mPOWRED Writers started.

Teach mPOWRED Writers Course

Research shows that traditional test prep and skills-based writing instruction don't work...

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Module 1: Introduction

Learn why students are increasingly disempowered in the classroom and how you can help them reclaim their voices.

Module 3: The MEssage

How finding a purpose and audience for their writing first can help students value and engage in their writing.

Module 5: Organizing

Help students break out of the 5-paragraph essay box by teaching them these text structures instead.

Module 7: Revising

Help students move beyond surface revisions to find the most effective ways to communicate their messages.

Module 9: Disseminating

Help students share their works with different audiences both in person, in print, and with their local and global communities.

Module 11: Your Action Plan

Professional development does no good if you forget it before you return to your classroom. Make a plan to enact your learning today!

Module 2: Teaching Writers

How project based learning and writer's workshop can revolutionize your ELA classroom --and improve student learning.

MOdule 4: Prewriting

If you're going to take a journey, you start with a plan. Help students understand the importance of knowing where their writing is going.

MOdule 6: Writing

Encourage students to focus on their message, even if the writing is ugly. Investigate tech integration in the drafting process.

MOdule 8: Editing

Help students polish their final drafts so they can effectively communicate their messages to real audiences.

Module 10: Resources

I've collected all the printable and downloadable resources here for you to access easily even after you've finished the course.


Focus on one key concept in each module and develop a plan of action
to incorporate it into your physical or online learning classroom.

Video lessons

For those who prefer learning on-the-go, videos are accessible on any device.

Printable Transcripts

Organize and annotate as a visual reference to supplement each unit.

Student & Teacher Resources

Includes resources such as rubrics and checklists for teachers and students. 

Choose your plan

Both plans include credit card and purchase order payment options.

Individual Teacher

$ 299
  • 11 Modules
  • 30+ Videos
  • Transcripts
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Frequently asked questions

mPOWRED is an acronym I designed to reflect the concept that the message is the most important part of writing. And to effectively communicate a message, students must use a process: Prewriting, Organizing, Revising, Editing, Dissemination. As for the “misspelling” at the end of the word, I explain that in Module 1 of the course.

mPOWRED is designed with both the struggling and proficient writers in mind. Students will start where they are in their writing journeys and move forward from there with your guidance.

mPOWRED isn't so much a lesson plan or unit as it is a paradigm shift. Once you've gone through the course, you'll be able to evaluate your existing lessons and units to determine if they're truly meeting your students' needs. I do include resources for you to manage project based learning and writer's workshop style units, but this mPOWRED isn't designed to more lessons. Rather, it's meant to transform your existing lessons.

Since I am certified in 5th through 12th grades and have taught 6th through 11th, I am designing this course primarily for secondary English teachers. 

I do think that with some modification, the concepts can be useful for upper elementary teachers, but I'm not going to promote the unit for that purpose.

If you have questions, please fill out our contact form.

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