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Do you need a digital, interactive project to help reluctant writers see how writing can change the world?

Students need to know that they have an important message to share, mentor texts to learn from, and that someone wants to read their stories. A Time for Change Writing Project provides all of that!

  • 50% of these proceeds go to The Black Times news organization founded by 20-year-old Tyreke Baker
  • 50% of proceeds support reThink ELA's mission to advocate for young voices
  • We've created a complete, virtual learning ready writing unit built on gold standard Project Based Learning design elements. Your students will engage in authentic inquiry and collaboration on a project based on their choices.

    Michelle Waters

    English Teacher & Founder, RTE


    Do you need an interactive, student-centered project that will encourage social activism, group collaboration, and online research and content creation? Watch young activists speak and protest for positive changes, including 20-year-old Tyreke Baker, who published records of Oklahoma City protests through his own media production company — and follow them up with highly engaging student discussions. This unit contains everything you need to guide students through reading and viewing modern literature covering education, climate change, gun violence, and racial injustice, responding to daily essential questions, planning and writing a culminating essay, poems, short story, video, podcast, or website that encourages students to tell their stories and take a stand for others.

    This complete project unit includes everything you need to guide students through research and preparing a final product. Students may choose from writing an essay, short story, or set of poems; recording a video, designing a website or recording a podcast. The unit includes some class discussion questions and QAR instructions to help students generate their own.

    Mentor Texts: Print and Non-Print

    A Time for Change Writing Project links to the following texts (among others!) and provides you with the tools you need to facilitate student discussions.


    By Tyreke Baker, The Black Times


    By Tyreke Baker, The Black Times


    By CNN


    by The Ellen Show


    By CNN


    By Guardian News

    Daily Presentations

    Copy directly to your Google Classroom

    A Time for Change Writing Project includes a complete set of slides for each lesson. Each set of slides includes a sequence of activities designed to engage students in reading or viewing a print or non-print text, then speaking or writing in response to it.

    • Engaging, relevant quickwrite prompts
    • Small group discussion activities
    • Virtual-ready direct instruction slides
    • Reading and viewing activities and discussions
    • Closing reflective discussions

    Teacher's Guide

    We've already done the planning for you!

    The next 8 lessons have already been planned for you, complete with Google Classroom instructions and standards alignment. Just print out the page and hand it to your principal, or keep it on your desk for easy reference. The teacher's guide includes:

    • Description for each lesson
    • Google Classroom instructions
    • Common Core State Standards alignment
    • Oklahoma Academic Standards for ELA alignment

    Writing Process Checklists & Rubrics

    Do your students need help digging into the writing process?

    Evaluate the early drafts of an essay or project based on the ideas, organization, and voice! Don't let your students think they can't tell a story just because they struggle with editing. Show students what you're looking for in their final projects so they can meet and exceed your expectations!

    Help all your students–whether they love writing or hate it–revising their work to better communicate their messages and polishing their final pieces during the peer review and editing processes. These easy-to-fill-out forms encourage constructive criticism.

    • Revision Checklist
    • Editing Checklist
    • Essay Rubric
    • Group Project Rubric

    Are you ready for a completely done-for-you unit that engage your students in relevant reading and writing projects?

    50% of these proceeds go to The Black Times news organization founded by 20-year-old Tyreke Baker
    50% of proceeds support reThink ELA's mission to advocate for student voice

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